Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our Voice Has Been Heard

"Serious changes" in NCLB must be made before House education committee chairperson George Miller (D-Calif.) will bring the law to the floor for renewal. For example, based on constituent input (including that from NCTE members), Miller insists that multiple measures must be allowed to assess student achievement fairly. Although Republicans like Buck McKeon (Calif) say that attempts to, in his words, "weaken the law" will draw Republican resistance, Miller said in a presentation yesterday that he expects that the House will vote in September on legislation to renew the law and that changes will be included.

With a September vote or not, NCTE member letters to their legislators can be influential in advocating for changes that support student learning. NCTE's recent call for letter writing was highly generative, and second contacts by those writers or first contacts for those who didn't get to write before are still quite important. As shown by Miller's adamant stand about multiple measures, legislators do pay attention.

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Anonymous said...

I teach in Texas. I have heard that Texas will be doing away with TAKS soon and opting for EOC exams for high school. I am wondering what they will do for middle school. I teach ESL and have always found it unfair that the state requires ESL students to take TAKS after only 3 years in the U.S. What are your feelings?